About us

IMP, d.d. is a leading Slovenian company specialised in the design, consulting, preparation of studies, execution and supervision of various types of mechanical and electrical installations, as well as energy and fire- protection systems, for the most complex facilities. In recent years, we are also active in the area of building construction. We employ certified engineers and technicians specialised in mechanical engineering, electricity and civil engineering.

The central core of the IMP team is comprised of 30 highly qualified individuals who manage projects in cooperation with partners, external partners, and contractors. This allows for supervision and an integral service: from consulting and design to execution and maintenance.

IMP’s professional core comprises a team of experts in various fields who, from the documentation phase onward, cooperate with architects and statics experts. It conducts projects in the design and execution phases, coordinates the work of partners and contractors, and informs clients on the progress of works and the prompt elimination of unforeseeable complications.

Who are the members of the design team?

IMP’s design team is comprised of state licensed experts specialised in energy, air-conditioning, security, fire protection and other systems. Installation systems for storage and decanting of hazardous substances represent a special area of our activities.

The IMP team can activate up to 700 highly motivated and experienced experts. The companies directly or indirectly participating in our team employ more than 200 electricity experts and fitters, more than 300 experts and fitters specialised in mechanical engineering, more than 50 designers, and over 100 experts and employees from the field of building construction.


Who are the members of the IMP team and how is their work conducted?

The IMP team includes companies engaged in business and technical consulting, building design, execution of construction and craftsmen’s works, as well as mechanical and electrical installations.