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Quality and environmental management policies

The management and all our employees are committed to consistently meeting the demands of our customers, legal requirements, as well as continuously improving our products, processes and management system.

By consistently observing our quality and environmental management policies, management procedures, and implementing continuous improvements, we are striving to achieve our set goals, which are primarily expressed in the satisfaction of our customers, employees and owners.

With the aim of realizing the identified policy objectives, we have included all our employees in our endeavours to achieve quality and effective environmental management. Through planning and coordinated work, we are focused on performing our services well the first time and every time, in a timely manner and at competitive prices. That is why we will constantly pursue the needs and requirements as well as expectations of our customers, reduce costs, and carry out preventive measures aimed at attaining competitive prices, effectively assign tasks, monitor and meet execution deadlines, establish personal responsibility, and exchange experiences with our contractors.


We encourage the training of all our employees, and are introducing new technologies, modern equipment and organisational solutions, and raising the quality of works performed. We welcome proposals for improvements and link part of employee remunerations to their effectiveness in managing the system.

To achieve our objectives, we shall work towards realizing the following long-term goals in the areas of quality and environmental management:

  • the satisfaction of our customers,
  • design and development of technologically complex projects,
  • successful project management ,
  • efficient waste management,
  • efficient energy consumption,
  • continuous employee training,
  • consistent operation in compliance with legislation,
  • constant improvement of management systems,
  • successful business operation and growth of the company.


The company’s concrete, numerically defined goals are an integral part of our annual business plan.

Our quality and environmental management policies are available to the interested public for inspection.